Leibish & Co. has Expertise in Colored Diamonds for Original Engagement Rings or Anniversary Gifts

The brief Version: if you should be seeking exclusive engagement ring or special anniversary gift, Leibish & Co. provides a powerful supply of top-notch, colourful, and conflict-free diamonds and gemstones. The family-run business might operating online since 1998 with your own touch that features attained repeat company the world over. Leibish & Co. makes it easy to get free rocks or to make use of the cost-free “Design your personal” device to carry the perfect little bit of precious jewelry your. With many years of expertise and good workmanship under its gear, Leibish & Co. is on the brink of expanding its stock to watches and various other accessories.


Whenever Leibish Polnauer established 1st web diamond business in 1998, it took almost a full day to publish a single image and description to their web site — but he had been a visionary just who saw potential inside fledgling arena of e-commerce. “as he sees the possibility in a concept, he can try everything within his power to advance with it,” mentioned Benji Margolese, Director of Content promotional for Leibish & Co.

Leibish developed a successful, family-run process together with his girlfriend and kids serving in leadership opportunities. They will have expanded a fruitful online business with practices found across the world. Leibish & Co. is a leader in unique colored expensive diamonds and gemstones which are hard to find somewhere else. Its diamonds may conflict-free, and that is an important factor for all customers.

“People arrived at us because they find one thing only a little different, something more special than everyone has actually,” Benji mentioned.

While Leibish & Co. provides top-notch old-fashioned expensive diamonds, the organization focuses on colourful, distinctive jewelry. When questioned exactly why the business provides this type of a higher customer return rate, Benji quickly pinpoints the reason why.

“It really is a variety of excellent products, great solution, and precious jewelry crafted for the greatest degrees of perfection,” the guy said. “The precious jewelry we make is not your everyday, mass-produced particular product. Each piece is tailor-made to completely suit the diamond or gem plumped for from the customer.”

A household Affair With individual Service

Leibish & Co. is actually a real family business, with Leibish’s loved ones playing crucial functions for the organization.

Leibish functions as creator and President on the company, while their partner, Rosi, may be the business’ occasions Manager. Their unique eldest girl, Chavi, functions as the Lead Jewelry Designer — and is an enormous responsibility since custom precious jewelry comprises more than 50% associated with the businesses business, Benji mentioned.

Leibish’s eldest daughter, Yossi, is the President of Leibish & Co. Another daughter, Shmulik, who is a graduate of the Gemological Institute of The usa, may be the fundamental Diamond Buyer the company. “Shmulik is, genuinely, among a lot of gifted color diamond experts in the,” Benji said.

Leibish’s son Itzik may be the organization’s COO and runs its New York workplace on Fifth Avenue. Yoni, who is the youngest of Leibish’s five kids, could be the organization’s CFO.

“as among the longtime people in the group, i will let you know that, even though there is no relationship, they give consideration to myself, yet others, section of their loved ones,” Benji mentioned. “everyone bring our very own knowledge into the company, but interact to consistently develop the business.”

Customers are in addition treated like family at Leibish & Co., where in fact the business invests energy into personal solution and product sales. “If you have ever dealt with one specific representative, eg, this is the exact same person you can expect to always cope with, whatever you’re calling or creating within,” Benji stated. “we do not trust moving clients around to different divisions if they have a concern or specific issue they want to handle.”

Customers Come From All Over the World

Leibish provides a number of different types of clients: you can find buyers, exactly who primarily shop through web site, stores, and people during the trade company, which generally visit the organizations main workplaces in ny, Israel, and Hong Kong.

The majority of Leibish & Co.’s customers are through the US. Its subsequent best market is Canada, followed by the United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, plus the rest of European countries.

Clients at each period of existence shop at Leibish & Co., though most are between the years of 35 and 54, Benji said. In addition, the organization garners about 300,000 website check outs monthly — and helps to keep the majority of the clients coming back.

“with more than a 70per cent return customer rating, we continue to be among the most popular businesses in our market,” he mentioned.

Colorful Diamonds & Gemstones With a “Design yours” Option

Leibish & Co. holds top-quality jewelry, but in addition keeps inventory freedom, specifically for web consumers, Benji stated. The organization sells a huge selection of free expensive diamonds and valuable gems, but its crucial products are personalized jewelry productions.

“We keep a sizable collection of multicolor diamond and gem stone jewelry, with a few of rarest shades actually ever observed,” he mentioned. “We are recognized best by all of our bread-and-butter items — yellowish diamond and red diamond involvement rings. However, we sell diamonds of nearly every shade, and important gems — such as sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. We sell jewellery constructed with colorless expensive diamonds, also, but our very own expertise is in the field of shade.”

For consumers with anything at heart and require help making it an actuality, Leibish & Co. offers a “Design your” jewelry instrument, which Benji stated is the hottest item.

“Obviously, when shopping for a special portion, individuals usually desire certain stones and placing types they have already dropped in love with,” he mentioned. The “Design your personal” instrument allows consumers to construct an item with the material, establishing, and steel regarding option.

“It allows these to bring their dreams to life — with our knowledge in artistry,” Benji informed united states.

Extras & unique Online Tools waiting for you for Leibish & Co.

because it seems forward to the near future, Leibish & Co. is gradually shifting toward higher-ticket things and much more product variety. The organization feels comfy branching off to new products considering the determination and passion it pertains to finest their present designs.

“We have mentioned bringing in different add-ons — particularly luxury watches, purses, and also pens,” Benji said. “But we chose to wait until we initial perfected the main collection of item, which can be expensive jewelry.”

Leibish & Co. can also be researching ways to continue perfecting its common web site, too. A good way it plans to boost their web experience is through presenting enhanced fact attributes, which will offer digital shoppers more of an in-store experience.

As a business featuring its origins in colourful expensive diamonds and ecommerce, Leibish & Co. consistently innovate in a traditional market which views change due to the fact exception to this rule, not the rule.


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